(**this tale originally came to life in March 14)

Here you go…it kind of reminds me of a movie title, e.g. “Love in Barselona” or something like that 🙂 For those of you who don’t know, “corona” means “crown” in Spanish, so the title could have been “Church in the time of (the) Crown” which would then sound like a historical documentary/movie. I am sure King James’ Bible readers would absolutely love it 🙂

Joke aside, I understand this is a difficult time for a church and the intensity of “difficultness” (I guess) depends on a country and a culture it is a part of. In some places, safety comes first. In others, it is their comformity (some would say freedom) that people have a very hard time to give up to.

This afternoon, we had another prayer gathering, although a shorter one. Before we started, we have been discussing the “latest news” – today hear-says. BTW, according to some reliable sources, Montenegro is the only European country where the most influential and somewhat reliable source of information is hear-say. It is also officially the only European country that is Corona/COVID 19 free, since two cases were reported in Kosovo this morning. Still today, the government announced a set of precautionary measures, which include no school/kindergartens for at least 2 weeks, ban on indoor and outdoor (not fully sure why) large gatherings and several other things.

And the hear-says were pretty bad. Some of our guys make their living by selling things/gadgets/necessities on the streets, cafes, restaurants, etc. Today they experienced something that they’d never had before – owners/managers/waiters not letting them in because they were selling stuff that was “made in China”!! Other rumours were equally bad. People are still spreading fear of shortages of food and other basic supplies and some of the church people are very concerned that hard times are ahead of us. Still, we all agreed that we should not stop with having church service according to usual schedule, twice a week.

Some may think this is a bit irresponsible, but I would rather call it a calculated risk. To us, this situation is just like any other in the past – if God is not there with us, everything would fall apart. This is and it always was our calculated risk – leaving space for God to act, intervene, change, modify, redirect, speak, heal, anoint, bless, touch, demonstrate and glorify Himself and prove He is alive and in our midst!! This was our calculated risk from the Day One and so help us God, we want it to remain like that, for better or for worse, to the end of our days on this earth!

The question I asked everyone in the church tonight is the same question I’ve been asking myself in last several days:

what kind of church are we if I cannot lay my hands on the sick during church services? If someone is affected by Corona virus and asks for a council, comfort, prayer how will I/we be able to provide them to him/her? Where will they find me, “an apostle to the Roma and Ashkali”?

There can be only one answer – they have to be able to find me in the church. There they have to be able to find everything single thing from the above. And more, by His grace, they have to be able to find Him.

Lord, may it be. Help me and each one of us to stand for you and for your Kingdom in the coming days and weeks. Please give us courage, boldness, faith, wisdom, power, anointment, fruits and gifts of the Spirit, all the armour of God and mostly sacrificial love of Christ. Maranatha Lord Jesus. Help us to be there for those in need and in search for you. May we seek Your Kingdom first and Its righteousness and not doubt that everything else shall be given to us. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Maranatha Lord Jesus. Maranatha.


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